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Monday, October 09, 2006


Blind as a Bat? (1955)

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This "Moody Institute of Science" film (heard of them, yes?) glorifies the only flying mammal, our very own BAT. Highlights include the rather disturbing "blindfolding" and muting of an orphaned baby bat by taping its little eyes shut and tying its mouth together for the purpose of testing whether or not the little creature is truly blind. A must-see (no pun intended) for PETA fans! Take note of the "moral and spiritual value" provided at the end of the film, remarking that "the radar equipment of the bat is demonstrated in such a way that...[one] is brought to a place of questioning -- whose intelligence provided this unusual mechanism?"

Note: This video clip was taken from the original print and edited to aproximately half the film's original length. Though the film is in color, the Eastman Kodak stock has turned "magenta;" I retained color for the opening titles, however, note that the film transfers nicely to black and white.

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