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Thursday, June 28, 2007


The Russians are Here! The Russians are Here! Chapter One: "The Abduction"

At last! After months of hard work and much footage shot, the folks here at ThinkStream films have finally released Chapter One of The Russians are Here! The Russians are Here! ("The Abduction"), an epic podcast serial featuring ThinkStream Films' own Mr. Projector!

The Russians are Here! The Russians are Here!
Chapter One: "The Abduction" Synopsis
Mr. Projector is abducted by two mysterious men in black (presumably under suspicion of being a communist spy).

We meet Projectorville news anchor Greg Grant, and field correspondent Libby Trapp who is following the story.

We are also introduced to Alfred J. Rieder, professor of Russian history, who has amassed a hodge-podge of Russian propaganda films to illuminate the encroaching threat of communism.

Mrs. Williams is revealed for the first time (as a missing person)!

Be on the look-out for clues in the KRZB Newsroom that foreshadow future episodes!

Visit Mr. Projector! on iTunes to download and watch this wonderful episode! (While you're there, write a review!)

You can also download the show directly from the Mr. Projector! Episode Index on the ThinkStream Films blog.

For those who simply cannot wait, here are some clips from Chapter Two of TRAH: "The Interrogation"

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