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Monday, April 16, 2007


Next on Mr. Projector!

Mr. Projector Goes to Hollywood!
Episode 7: "Putting it Together" with Russell Harnden, III

Coming next week: Mr. Projector goes to Hollywood (the first in a three-part series) and chats with film and trailer editor Russell Harnden, III about educational films, directors Thomas Bradford and Paul Bunnell, Heather Locklear, and his work with secret agent, James Bond!

View the teaser here, then subscribe to show!

Mr. Projector! Teaser: Episode 7 "Putting It Together" With Russ -

Missed an episode? Check out the Mr. Projector! Episode Index.

Can't wait to see all three. Plus I'm now curious as to how Disney became involved in making an educational film like "VD Attack Plan"!
As you now know, having seen the full episode (we hope), these Disney films are extremely difficult to find these days!

Regarding VD Attack Plan: I especially liked the Gonorrhea troops. Being red, they seemed to have the romantic advantage over the green uniforms of the Syphilis army.
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