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Sunday, April 29, 2007


Mr. Projector! Episode #7: "Putting it Together"

After much work on the Mr. Projector Goes to Hollywood series, Mister Projector! Episode 7, "Putting it Together" (with Russell Harnden, III) is now available!

In this episode, an interview with Russell Harnden, III!

Russell Harnden, III is a film and trailer editor working in Los Angeles. His credits include the prestigious MGM James Bond series of films with Pierce Brosnan, and more recent campaigns such as Night at the Museum and Snakes on a Plane among many other exciting projects.

Mr. Harnden also is an avid 16mm educational film collector, and speaks regularly about these films, placing them in social and cultural perspective, bridging the gap between what we learned fifty years ago and what we know today.

Visit Mr. Projector! on iTunes to download and watch this wonderful episode! (While you're there, write a review!)

You can also download the show directly from the Mr. Projector! Episode Index on the ThinkStream Films blog.

Enjoy the show!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The Rain in Spain....

Let's Pronounce Well (1952)
Coronet Films

Bid on the complete, original 16mm print on eBay through 5/1/07!

We here at ThinkStream Films think it most important to learn to speak well in public. The rewards of a clearly and naturally communicated speech are limitless. The pitfalls of not having this critical competency are equally as limitless, for example, one may be cursed with the unfortunate occupational title of "politician" or "world leader."

It is through the articulate journey of young Tom Webb in this funny little film from Coronet, that we learn that no one will ever accomplish anything important in life without speaking well (especially like a "sports announcer"). We follow Tom as he progresses (with help from his dowdy speech teacher Miss Taylor) from a state of unintelligible babble to one that at least allows his classmates to "understand what [the hell] it is he is saying."

Once Mr. Projector viewed this film, he simply could not prevent himself from screening yet another fine film (albeit on a much larger scale), based on the very same subject matter (with a little help from George Bernard Shaw).

Monday, April 16, 2007


Next on Mr. Projector!

Mr. Projector Goes to Hollywood!
Episode 7: "Putting it Together" with Russell Harnden, III

Coming next week: Mr. Projector goes to Hollywood (the first in a three-part series) and chats with film and trailer editor Russell Harnden, III about educational films, directors Thomas Bradford and Paul Bunnell, Heather Locklear, and his work with secret agent, James Bond!

View the teaser here, then subscribe to show!

Mr. Projector! Teaser: Episode 7 "Putting It Together" With Russ -

Missed an episode? Check out the Mr. Projector! Episode Index.

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