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Saturday, February 03, 2007


My Mr. Projector Space!

Announcing: Mr. Projector! on MySpace!
Woah. When we hired our new Media Relations Associate and Marketing Director, we didn't know we would be tossed so fast and so furiously into the Internet media fire-pit like so many sprigs of fragile kindling; however, as fragile kindling does, we're starting a big ol' go-to-camp-like-Hayley-Mills-in-Parent Trap-BONFIRE!

See special rushes/dailies of Mr. Projector! episodes currently in production by clicking the "videos" link under Mr. Projector's devilish mug! Find out what interests Mr. Projector by visiting

Coming Soon (only on MySpace): The Mr. Projector! Blog! Get the inside scoop (no, we're not talking about ice cream here) of what really goes on in Mr. Projector's life "between the scenes" (i.e., after one episode ends and before the next one begins)!

"So.... Until next time!"

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