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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Mr. Projector! Episode Index

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Mr. Projector! Episode Index

Episode #8: "The Ghastly Mind of Paul Bunnell"
In this episode of Mr. Projector!, Mr. Projector goes to Hollywood (the second in a three-part series) and finds himself stranded at a mysterious, old Hollywood mansion inhabited by none other than film producer, writer and director, Paul Bunnell ("That Little Monster" and "The Ghastly Love of Johnny X")! As Mr. Projector is about to discover, the old mansion has a rather "ghastly" history that closely mirrors the mind of its owner!

The Russians are Here! The Russians are Here! Chapter One: "The Abduction"
Mr. Projector is abducted by two mysterious men in black (presumably under suspicion of being a communist spy). We meet Projectorville news anchor Greg Grant, and field correspondent Libby Trapp who is following the story. We are also introduced to Alfred J. Rieder, professor of Russian history, who has amassed a hodge-podge of Russian propaganda films to illuminate the encroaching threat of communism.

Episode #7: "Putting it Together" (with Russell Harnden, III)

Mr. Projector goes to Hollywood (the first in a three-part series) and chats with film and trailer editor Russell Harnden, III about educational films, directors Thomas Bradford and Paul Bunnell, Heather Locklear, and his work with secret agent, James Bond!

Episode #6: "Love is a Many Chambered Thing"

Mr. Projector gets some very interesting news from his physician and explores the functions of the (normal) human heart. Also in this episode, a mysterious photo provides clues into Mr. Projector's romantic past.

Teaser #2: "The Russians Are Here! The Russians Are Here!"

Libby Trapp, field reporter for KRZB Channel 27 News, Projectorville, puts down the mic and lets down her hair after bribing Dick Green, Projectorville's own weatherman, into using the KRZB news room's green screen to deliver this important (musical) public service announcement in this sequence from our first feature-length podfilm scheduled for a Summer 2007 release!: "The Russians are Here! The Russians are Here!" (COMING SOON) - currently in production.

Teaser #1: "The Russians Are Here! The Russians Are Here!"

Mr. Projector has been abducted by two men (presumably under suspicion of being a communist spy), according to Libby Trapp, field reporter for Channel 27 KRBZ News! One of the suspects is incredibly tall, and the other - well, pretty damn short.Who will save the "red" in St. Valentine's Day? How will Mr. Projector make it out of this predicament? Only time will tell, friends.... Only time will tell.... Our official "teaser" for our first feature-length podfilm scheduled for a Summer 2007 release!

Episode #5: "Merry Christmas, Mr. Projector!"

Our holiday special in which Mr. Projector examines poolside (and pool-in) the Castle Films legacy, highlighting one of their very last offerings, the 1946 short classic, "The Night Before Christmas"; not to be missed!

Episode #4: "À Votre Santé"

A four-part series that finds Mr. Projector exploring the food production of Northern France with master French chef and usherette, Renee Sprokette as she walks (and drinks) us through the process of making a classic French soufflé (with a twist). Originally distributed as one of the first films in United World Films' ethnology series, "The Earth and its Peoples" (produced from 1948-1957), the featured presentation in this series, "Food for Paris Markets" (1949), provides a fascinating glimpse of rural life in post-war northern France, driven by the economic needs of one of the world's greatest cities, Paris.
À Votre Santé, Part 1
Food for Paris Markets, Part 1
À Votre Santé, Conclusion
Food for Paris Markets, Conclusion

Episode #3: "Curse of the Hungry Puppet People!"

Watch in amazement (or horror) as Mr. Projector (Devlin Rogue) battles the issue of holiday binge eating - with, yep, you guessed it - puppets! Featuring the rare Centron classic, "Your Food" (1956) My goodness! What will they think of next?!

Episode #2: "It's Atomic!"

This episode finds Mr. Projector hiding out in his fallout shelter and eating radioactive snow. Features the amazing film, "Fallout: What it is, and How to Protect Yourself From it." Great cosmic bits of radioactive matter! It's Atomic!

Episode #1: "The Mistakes We Make"

"Some folks just never seem to learn, do they?"

Our premiere episode featuring an incredible montage of events from educational films centered around mistakes, accidents, and catastrophes!

"Bet they didn't teach you that in school! "

Thank God you've supplied an easy list to find each and every episode that I love to watch. Also, I just want to say that I can't wait to see the final, complete version of "The Russians Are Here! The Russians Are Here!" Keep up the good work.
Why than you, anonymous! Sorry we were so late in publishing our episode index. Fans have been begging for such a thing for a while.

As far as the "Russians" go, I hear there is a little black list being circulated around Projectorville with some very interesting names printed on it. Some senator from out-of-town started the infernal thing. Something to do with communists. Personally, I don't see what it has to do with anything at all, other than I keep getting the strangest phone calls in the middle of the night from some strange man speaking in a language I can't quite make out, but suspect might be - you guessed it - Russian!

Very strange goings on here in Projectorville these days. Strange indeed....
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