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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Mr. Projector! Episode #6: "Love is a Many Chambered Thing"

"Love is a Many Chambered Thing"
(Mr. Projector! Episode #6)

ThinkStream Films (2007)

Mr. Projector gets some very interesting news from his physician and explores the functions of the (normal) human heart. Also in this episode, a mysterious photo provides clues into Mr. Projector's romantic past.

View the teaser for Mr. Projector! Episode #6, "Love is a Many Chambered Thing" right here, then watch the show!

Subscribe to the Mr. Projector! podcast through iTunes by clicking the iTunes button on the side bar (on the left). To download "Love is a Many Chambered Thing" directly from this blog, Right-click Here (ctrl + click on a Mac), select "Save Target As," then choose a location on your hard drive to save the episode.

Dr. Who? I'm not even going to try to figure out where he came from, or when in history...
Dr. Richman has been my physician for many years. I was very surprised to discover that he actually treated Cleopatra in her last moments by sucking the venom from her wound. According to Dr. Richman, he worked on her for hours before she finally succumbed....
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