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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Would You Allow Your Child to Do This?!

What is Soil? (1947)
Films Incorporated
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"Bobby has a problem....

....He wants to grow something in soil he makes himself."

To learn about soil, the narrator of the film carelessly instructs Bobby to do that which no parent on earth would allow their child to do - climb 50,000 feet up jagged rock to explore the altitude's effect on soil!

(Of course, our wonderful ThinkStream editors did a number on this clip, mixing in footage of Bryce Canyon, Utah, from the same film, for fun)!

At the end of the film, Bobby replicates Bryce Canyon in his kitchen in a scene that surely influenced the famous kitchen scene in Close Encounters!

This wonderful film from FILMS INCORPORATED was an early attempt to mix the concepts of independent exploration and science in educational films targeted to young learners - a formula that remains effective to this day.

Parents today would be turned in to children's services for chld endangerment for this.
How very, very true, Ms. Coronet. Matter of fact, I'm not sure Bobby even has supervising parents or gaurdians. I mean - you never really see them, do you? I think he lives all alone (except for that dude's voice in his head that keeps telling him to do all these crazy things), his parents having mysteriously dissapeared one day after Uncle Two-Fingers came for a little visit.... Bobby is just pretending to have parents. Yeah - that's it. Like Jodi Foster in The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane.... But then again, this is all just my humble opinion....
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