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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Our First Press Release!

Awwwww. Remember baby's first word? Remember the first time you kissed your soul mate? Remember reading The Prophet for the first time - and the first person you gave it to afterwards? Remember your first adult beverage? Scratch that one. Remember your first trip away from home? Remember Mr. Projector! Episode 1, "The Mistakes We Make"?

Well, someday, you'll look back on everything you've ever accomplished that made you feel complete; and suddenly - quite unexpectedly, in fact - in a moment of sublime self reflection and pride, you'll say aloud (perhaps in a crowded bar or noisy office - perhaps even to a perfect stranger on the street), you'll say, "I remember ThinkStream Films' first Press Release...." And everyone around you will nod in silent agreement, understanding. Or maybe they're just nodding because they think you're an alcoholic nut case for staring starry-eyed into your drink and mumbling to yourself.

In any case, ThinkStream Films is proud to announce our very first Press Release for print and broadcast media. Here is a sneak peak. You can download the complete PR forever via the link over there on the left. See it? No? Uh-uh. That's not it. Yeah. Up a little.... Nope. Not there - okay, down just a little - yeah, that's it! Whew!

Thanks to all our contributors for helping to jump-start our year with power-house strategic planning, amazing coaching, and stellar tech support! You all know who you are! Now! "Let's get those reels a-rolling!"

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