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Sunday, January 07, 2007


Mr. Vibration!

Bid on the complete, original 16mm print on eBay through 1/14/07!

We here at ThinkStream Films can only refer to the narrator in this wonderful film from Coronet as "Mr. Vibration!"

This educational gem, albeit somewhat ineffective, attempts to introduce children to the concept of sound waves.

Film features a prudish and sadistically grumpy looking kitchen-mom, a total nerd with tuning forks, and the aforementioned wacked-out narrator (Mr. Vibration!).

Our editors had fun putting the following highlights clip together. Enjoy!

Darn, sorry I missed this auction. I love Coronet films, collect 16mm and I'm a musician.
This was a very good film. Folks, keep your eyes open (wide open, in fact) for more groovy eBay offerings, as we have a batch coming up to post. Enstruction - believe it or not, we here at ThinkStream Films love all things Dada! Write us more!
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