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Friday, November 17, 2006


Mr. Projector! Episode #2: "It's Atomic!"

Thank goodness it's Friday! Jump-start your weekend by downloading (and subscribing to) the Mr. Projector! video podcast! Episode two, "It's Atomic!" is now available!

Subscribe to the Mr. Projector! podcast through iTunes by clicking the iTunes button on the side bar (on the left). To download Episode 2, "It's Atomic!" directly from this blog, Right-click Here and select "Save Target As," then choose a location on your hard drive to save the episode.

We here at ThinkStream films sincerely hope that among the many wonderful things you do this weekend, you will build into your schedule time to ensure that your fallout shelter, whether it be built in accord with OCMD guidelines, or simply the basement in your home, is equipped with everything you will need when the enemy strikes! Remember to include lots of games, wine, books to read, your iPod with this show on it, and (did we mention?) wine! Remember, you could be trapped in your fallout shelter for quite some time! Might as well make a vacation of it!

Speaking of vacations, Mr. Projector is going to have to wait for things outside to clear up a bit before he'll be able to leave his fallout shelter. And he was so looking forward to the upcoming holiday! Because of this, Episode 3 will not be released until Friday, December 3rd, when Mr. "P" presents an interview with a special surprise guest!

Enjoy this week's show! And don't forget about the CONTEST! (Tomorrow is your last day to enter!) Keep those reviews coming in!

Until next time!

I remember this film as a youth and it was lousy then, but you made it hilarious. You have got a great imagination. Keep them coming.
I have never laughed so hard! I have already put a white plate outside the door and am in the process of building my fallout shelter. I only hope I have time!
Ah... Time.... That's just the thing - the enemy could strike at any moment. If you haven't already, go right now (that means right now) to your local office of Civil Defence, and they will provide you with everything you need to build your shelter. They are not, I'm afraid, very good with decorating ideas, however; for that, you may wish to consult the most recent edition of Better Homes and Gardens.

Bye now!
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