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Thursday, November 02, 2006


Expanding World Relations (1956)

Bid on the complete, original 16mm print on eBay through 11/9/2006!
This film was produced by the United States Government to promote Foreign Policy, boost post Korean War morale, and to highlight the dangers of a potential impending atomic attack! Truly a piece of American political propaganda in subtle form. Film is mostly animated (in top Disney fashion) with very nice use of color! Reference the frequent use of the color red for bombs, etc. This print appears to be an IB Technicolor print (if it isn’t, it has been incredibly well preserved)! Some nice live action photography of war's aftermath (devastation in London, Berlin, etc.) and industrial advances such as wheat farming machines and trains. Great graphic art!

Note: The following clip was taken directly from the original 16mm print and has been edited to a fraction of the film's original length.

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