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Friday, October 20, 2006


The Good Loser (1953)

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This uncommonly (yet not disappointingly!) lengthy and super-big budget (check out the running time!) Young America Film dramatization tells the story of Ray Medford (you know, all the very best YAF films’ characters have both first and last names; reference The Procrastinator!) who has won first place in the extemporary speaking competition at school for two years running. He is going for his third win, when he is called upon to coach Marilyn Jackson to compete as well. Marilyn has never spoken in public before in her life (and one might presume, has also never acted!) but under Ray’s tutelage, blossoms into the best speaker in school! Of course she wins, and of course, Ray simply buckles, taking his loss (actually, he comes in second) out on absolutely everyone – especially Marilyn! Of special note is the abusive interaction between Ray and his father who simply can’t believe his son lost to “that little girl, Marilyn!”

One of the best Young American Films productions we’ve ever seen! It’s just SWELL!

Note: The following clip was taken directly from the original 16mm print and has been edited to approximately half the film's original length.

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